Monday, December 5, 2016

WE WALK for Our School!

Annual WE WALK Another Success!

WE  WALK is our school's one annual fundraiser sponsored by WE TAP that takes place each October.  Students raise money for our school (i.e. playground) and then walk at the track as grade levels as our grand finale. This year our students and families raised $17,285.42! Wow!  Way to go, Washington Elementary!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Going Back in Time...


Let's go back in time a bit, shall we?

Like to the last week of September when we were working on the letter /d/.  What better topic to study than dinosaurs?!  We had a whole classroom of paleontologists as we went:

*Digging for bones in the sensory box
*Creating a paper tear dinosaur mural 
*Excavating a T-Rex skull
*Counting dinosaur eggs
*Putting together dinosaur puzzles
*Drawing sidewalk chalk dinosaurs